Union Nautique Marseillaise

                                          34 Bd Charles Livon 13007 Marseille

                                       20 th of August r – 23 th  of August 2020

                                     2020 Eurosaf L30 class European Championship



Yacht name:

Sail No.



Owner:                                                             Team:



Contact No:



Entry fee and insurance   


Entry fee paid 900 € :   Yes    No              

Copy of insurance provided  Yes   No

*please attach copy of bank transfer and insurance policy


Bank details:

IBAN : FR76 3007 7049 0122 1386 0020 042   BIC : SMCTFR2A


All bank charges are at the expense of competitors. National letters, sail number and boat’s name shall be included with the payment.


Disclaimer of liability: I hereby submit the entry form according to RRS 2017-2020. I will participate in the regatta entirely at my own risk. See RRS rule 4, Decision to Race. The Organizing Authority, the Racing Committee and the Protest Committee will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death occurring in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.




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